Monday, January 25, 2016

We must be changed to have the spiritual stature to stand in the presence of God


This week has been decent, it's been COLD though. Like not just cold for Florida, like legit cold. It froze a couple of times overnight and let me tell ya biking in the dark with 28F weather and a mean headwind is cold. Especially when all you have is a cardigan and a wind breaker hahaha. Sorry for ranting about the cold, but I feel like people will just laugh when I say it gets cold in Florida but it really does. The cold was great though!! 

On Tuesday we had a really awesome lesson with our new investigator, Taylor. He is a pretty rough guy, he has a ponytail and some nice facial hair and he is pretty classic haha. It's hard because a lot of his behaviours were not ideal, but they are sooo funny. He is super sincere and pretty smart, so he has a lot of potential! We haven't been able to teach him again since, but he actually responds to our texts which is a miracle in itself.

On Wednesday morning we had the Worldwide Missionary Conference which was awesome!! There was a lot of great things that I learned, but one of my favourite quotes came from Elder Oaks, he said  "we must not only be clean, we must be changed to have the spiritual stature to stand in the presence of God. That is what it means to be saved". How to "get saved" is like THE question of the south, and I love this definition of what it means to be saved, so many people here believe that all one has to do to get salvation is "to say the sinners prayer" or "accept Jesus in their hearts", and Elder Oaks nailed it with that definition.

On Thursday I realized how much mission life has taken me over, I was leaving a message on an investigators voicemail, and as I was saying goodbye I was started to say "and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ...". Classic missionary moment.

On Thursday I met a v v cute pit bull puppy which was fun, and we got to teach his owner too which is a bonus. Weekly planning in Friday was pretty brutal. Like probably one of the most painful planning sessions of my mission haha. Afterwards we went to sync our areabooks and we got some Steak-N-Shake which made it all better.

On Friday I also found out that my boy Sethickle got his mission call which made my day!! So happy for him.

Saturday was the coldest day, and we did a lot of riding into the wind. Elder England was having a hard time, he isn't a big fan of the wind. We did 2.5 hours of tracting in the cold, and nobody would talk to us!! People always talk about southern hospitality, but we were not feeling it on Saturday.

Sunday was pretty good, we found this super elect woman named Patsy, and we taught her the restoration and she just immediately believed it all! And the best part is is that she isn't even ghetto so hopefully there is some really intent.

One bummer about Sunday was that we dropped our eternigator, Walter. We had a drop lesson with him, and we basically told him that we had taught him everything and that we would come back when he started coming to church. I was hoping to have a more bold, kinda fire & brimstone-y lesson, but our member basically took over and told him that it was okay and that God understood which is not what he needed at all. Ugh. Hopefully he will start coming to church.

I love ya'll and hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Olson

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