Monday, January 4, 2016

I hope y'all had a good New Year!!


This week has been hard, but good. We have been doing a ton of finding, and as a result we taught a lot of doorstep lessons. We are starting to really rack up potential investigators, but not very many of them are actually progressing which is frustrating.

On Monday night after our dinner appointment I got to go tracting with Elder Ray which was fun. Both Elder England and Elder Barney needed to go get some tubes for their bike, so they dropped us off and we got to knock some doors. He is a really good missionary and a good friend so it was awesome to get to do some missionary-ing with him.

Tuesday was rough. The morning was pretty good, we were just trying to stop by Less Actives and invite them to church and let them know about the time change, and then we got a call from our investigator Bill Hart . . . it was bad news bears. He basically dropped us, it wasn't like a permanent thing, but he isn't going to come to church and we aren't going to be able to meet with him in the near future which is rough. So that kinda made the day <<<

On Wednesday we had district meeting and I got to give a training which was fun. I always dread giving trainings, but I always learn so much when I'm preparing them. Wednesday was also soooo hot it was crazy, like Dec 30th and it's 30C what the heck. In the evening these recent converts had us and the elders that baptized them over for dinner and it basically took our entire evening which was SO AWESOME. Haha it was fun though, and we had a good little devotional thingy.

New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful, we had to be in our apartments by 7 because of all the parties and drunk drivers and stuff. New Year's Day was also pretty uneventful. We had a pretty chilly start to 2016, it was like 10C and rainy and windy and we were on bike. I've become such a baby when it comes the cold hahaha.

Saturday was a little more rough, we did some service in the morning raking leaves, and then we rode our bikes to a LA's trailer about 4 miles from our apartment annddd I had a flat tire. The Lord has truly been testing me with my bike. I've had like 3 flats in 2.5 weeks, I think that my tires just suck in glass or something. So we had to walk 4 miles home and then another 4 to Walmart and back. So that took up most of our day. Good for my speed muscle though hehe.

Sunday was really good! We had a really good fast and testimony meeting and church was just really spiritual in general. Good times. Then we did some fun biking in the cold and tracting. It was like a high of 12C or something so it actually felt kind of wintery to me. We also got to eat at the Schenks which was awesome they are probably my favourite family in the ward. They are from Montana and they are fun and they have a nice house so it just feels kinda like home. After that we had a lesson with Walter and we set a baptismal date for Jan 30th!! Its not a super solid, date but he has been investigating for so long and it's crunch time for him.

Its been a good but hard week! We just found out who are new mission president is going to be! His name is President Brent and we don't really know anything about him other than he is from Idaho. It's weird and sad that I won't end my mission with President Craig. He has helped me grow so much and I'm really going to miss serving with him.

I hope y'all had a good New Year!!


Elder Olson

(lasers pointing into their mouths)

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