Monday, January 18, 2016

Free Starbies

Greetings Loved Ones,

This week has actually been super great!!

On Monday we went and played laser tag, and mini golfed, which was really fun. Laser tagging with Sisters was a little weird but it was worth it. We have a really cool zone so pdays are always fun.

Tuesday we went on trade-offs to Jax Beach. Now when we do trade-offs we both go the Leader's area, which is kind of a pain because we don't get to be in our area but it was good! I was with Elder Guinup and we had a really good day and taught up a storm. It was really cramped with 4 elders in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment though - tbh it was gross hahaha.

Wednesday was decent, we had district meeting in the morning and the Assistants and STL's came which made it really good. We were also able to meet with some of the potentials that we had met before Christmas and set up some return appointments. We have a ton of potential investigators right now, so hopefully we'll be able to get some of them to progress soonish.

Thursday was like our one bad day from the week. We did some service in the morning which was good, but after that our day was full of driving around to doctor's appointments for Elder England & Elder Ray, and we got like nothing done. It was pretty brutal just sitting in the car/doctor's office all day.

Friday is when the week started to get really good, we just started teaching a lot and having so much success in our finding it didn't even seem real. I don't have a lot of time to keep writing so I'm just going to share some of the fun highlights from thhe last few days of the week, and y'all can assume that everything  else was just great.

On Saturday we were biking in the rain and we stopped in at a grocery store and as we were riding away we rode behind this Stabucks and a worker called out to us. We got talking to her, and apparently her step brother is on a mission in Tonga and her Dad is Mormon. She also got us some free hot chocolate which was so awesome and she told us that we should come back. So now we have a free hot chocolate whenever we want at Starbies which is just such a blessing

Sunday was a day of miracles!! We taught 7 lessons and got 3 new investigators and we were SO BLESSED!! It was honestly just mind blowing how much success we were blessed with.

Sunday was also a regional stake conference and we got to hear from Elder Hales and Elder Rasband and it was very good.

Anyways love you and I hope y'all have a good week!!

Elder Olson

P-day Thuggin

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