Monday, December 21, 2015

Slam Dunk

Merry Christmas Friends!!

This week has been really good! We taught more lessons this week than I ever have before, we were very blessed in our finding which was awesome, especially because the work this next week might be kind of slow with the holidays. Don't get me wrong I'm super excited for Christmas and all, but nobody wants to set appointments for this next week it's going to be a battle.

On Tuesday we gave a blessing to a less active member and her two boys. It was a pretty neat experience as we were able to teach the boys about the priesthood and about the spirit and how it feels. After that we had a really good lesson with our investigator Bill. We read Alma 32 and talked a lot about the seed of faith, and how our Heavenly Father wants us all to become strongly rooted trees in the gospel, and we were able to set a baptismal date with him!! The guy has honestly been ready for baptism for so long, he just keeps getting cold feet. We taught him again Thursday and then we had a lesson with him again last night... And he wanted to take his baptismal date off. It was pretty disappointing. It's like every time we have a little breakthrough with him he finds something else to be worried about!! It's definitely a test of patience for us.

Wednesday was pretty good, we taught a bunch of lessons and we had a lot of really good finding. I got another flat on my bike though which was so frustrating hahaha. So last week I got some new tires for my bike, and the first time I rode on them I got a flat. Then on pday I went and got a new tube, and replaced it, so on Wednesday we went riding out of of apartment, and I kid you not, we were maybe 50 feet away from our apartment and my other tire went flat. Haha I was so
donezo, I just dropped my bike and took a minute to lay on the pavement. After that I was good though. On Wednesday my Christmas package came which made all the flat tires no big deal because of the Christmas chocolates from my Mom!! Ahh they were soo good I ate them all in under two days. I tried my very best to share with Elder England, and I think I gave him two hahaha.

On Thursday morning we went to do some service for Habitat for Humanity which was sweet. We found the service opportunity through the church's service program, JustServe, which should be really useful for us missionaries! We were raking lome and laying sod all morning and it felt so good to wield a rake again haha I miss the manual labour work that I used to hate so much.

Tbh I don't remember much about Friday, weekly planning took a while as usual, and we got to have dinner with the Stake President and his family which was sweet. He is really awesome, he is still pretty young and has 5 kids under 13 years old, and he is a potter of all things haha. The guy is going to be a mission president or general authority fersher.

On Saturday we played some bball at the church, and we were supposed to have some investigators coming but the only person that came was a recent convert, so we didn't stay to long. But when we were there I dunked on a 10 foot rim!! I didn't dunk a basketball haha, it was a dodgeball that I could palm but it still felt sick. Elder Ray also dunked it. I think if I could palm the ball I could dunk it. So that got me pretty hyped haha. Saturday afternoon was a little rough, it was just a classic slow afternoon and Elder England and I were both getting on each others nerves hahah.

Sunday was pretty good, church was really awesome. There was a Sister who gave her homecoming talk, she served in Japan Fukuoka (shoutout to my boy Elder Krebs) and she gave a really awesome spiritual talk. In the evening we had a kinda crummy lesson with Bill which I already talked about, and then we had a lesson with our investigators Walter & Adraine, and it was just a classic uncomfortable law of chastity lesson haha. They aren't married and what made it so uncomfortable is that she was clearly down to get married and Walter clearly was not down hahaha. Hopefully our lesson won't destroy their relationship.

Umm not much else has really happened this week. I'm looking forward to Christmas but I almost just want it to be over with hahaha. I hope everyone has a great holiday, and those of you who get to have a white Christmas should count your blessings!! It's just not the same with palm trees and 30C weather.


Elder Olson

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