Monday, December 7, 2015

He is the Gift


This week has been pretty good, not like super stellar or anything but still a gooder. I was really struggling with the journal writing this week so this email may be kinda boring haha.

On Monday we went to this massive mall and I got all my Christmas shopping done which was sweet. Shopping made me trunky though, going into stores like Urban Outfitters made me really miss shopping and gentile clothes hahaha.

On Tuesday I went on exchanges in Jax Beach which was fun. Pretty average day, but we were on bikes so we got to do a lot of riding which would have been fun, except I forgot my bike and I had to ride this other missionary's bike and it is such a junker haha it was a struggle. He kept telling me that I should feel blessed to have the opportunity to use his "custom burnt orange chain". Classic missionary bike.

On Wednesday we had zone meeting which was really good, and we went to lunch at this Chinese buffet. Never again. Every time people are always like "noo this one is really good!!" But I think I had discovered that there is no such thing as a good Chinese Buffet.

Thursday and Friday were decent. On Friday we were tracting in this older wealthy area, so there were lots of mean old southern baptists telling us to that we are going to hell and stuff, but we were able to show this one guy last year's Christmas video "He is the Gift" (link to video here) and it totally softened his spirit it was great! At first he was all like "yeah okay you can show me a video" but by the end he was totally feeling the spirit, and we were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and he was totally down to read it and it was so awesome... And then his wife came outside and told us to go away and she started trying to anti her husband it was so disappointing. He kept the Book of Mormon but the chances of him progressing are so slim. It made me so sad.

On Friday night we watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with our eternigator, Bill, and it was really awesome! He has so many interesting insights it was crazy. I feel very blessed to be in a mission where we get to use so much technology and all of the resources that the church has come out with. iPads are also just fun lets be real hahaha.

On Saturday morning we went to this 8-year-old's baptism, because it's always nice to see ordinances and covenants being made ya know. We had another really good experience with showing someone a Christmas video on Saturday, they were just so happy and genuine, it almost seemed like they were mormon hahaha. I'm really only realizing how great the church videos are, as I'm writing this and realizing how many awesome contacts come out of them. #blessed

Saturday night was the ward Christmas party and we got to run this little craft station and it was honestly so much fun. We were helping these little kids make Christmas ornaments and some of them were so funny haha. Our ward is super awesome, they actually have a pretty big primary for Florida and there is a ton of really great members.

In church our eternigator Billy Hart bore his testimony. He is probably more active than half the ward, its so great/frustrating haha we just wanna baptize the guy. He is also already inviting family members to church things and everything.

On Sunday the words "they draw near to me with their lips but their hearts are far from me" was really ringing true to me. We were tracting and we were trying to show people the Christmas videos and everyone was like "oh no honey I don't need to watch it I already know and love Jesus". Like if you love Jesus wouldn't you want to watch a video about him?? Just Bible Belt problems I guess. We got to watch the Christmas devotional which was awesome! I really loved Elder Bednar's talk, he is the bomb.

Sorry for the <<< email, I hope everyone has a great week!!


Elder Olson


The man, the myth, the legend Elder England

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