Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Feliz Navidad


First off I just wanna apologize to the family for forgetting to tell you it was a 5 week transfer, so sorry for no email yesterday! It's been a good past few days, its crazy how close it is to Christmas!

On Monday we had zone pday, and we practiced our skit for our mission Christmas party. We did a version of Michael Buble's, Feliz Navidad, and we played a ton of bball.

Tuesday was a kind of a rough one, I was really sore from balling out and things just weren't going our way. Then to top if off someone fed us this beans, sausage and rice thing and it REALLY did not agree with me. I've never understood the stories about how missionaries have soiled themselves, but now I definitely understand. I am definitely feeling very blessed to not have joined that fraternity of missionaries haha.

On a more spiritual note we had a really good visit with this former investigator that we tracted into. She has just has a really hard life, and she has really been struggling to see God in her life. We tried to console her and testify that God loves her and she just said "well I'm glad you know that cause I sure don't". Hearing that broke my heart it was so hard to hear her struggle so mich with her personal relationship with God. It was a big reminder for me, of how blessed I have been in knowing God and feeling his love for my entire life. We gave her Alma 7 to read to try and help her through her week, and we are hopefully going to be able to teach her more this week.

On Wednesday we had like a 4 hour district meeting it almost killed me. Haha I was losing it after for a while, it was just so unnecessary. It drives me crazy when things like that happen it's the worst.

All day Thursday was our mission Christmas Party/Devotional and it was really fun. I got to see my friends from Gainesville and catch up with them, as well as see a lot of the missionaries that I came out with. The Jax East Zone (my zone) definitely had the best skit, we blew it out of the water with Feliz Nadvidad. We got little Christmas packages from President and Sister Craig, as well as all of the Christmas letters from our families! Shout out to everyone who wrote me a Christmas letter. I loved reading them all so much and I love and miss y'all so much!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday was a blur. We had a few good lessons, and a ton of members cancel on us. Church was actually really good, there was a really awesome talk given about the light of Christ. I love the science behind light and how it can almost all apply to the gospel. Patterns of Light Part 1 is my go to meal appointment video.

On Monday night I found out that I'm going to be staying here in Fort Caroline with Elder England! It's going to be good. There are a few investigators that we gotta get in the water before Elder England leaves haha.

Elder Olson

I literally feel like a midget 24/7 #thelife

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