Monday, December 28, 2015


Ayyy Merry Christmas friends :^)

I hope everyone had a holly jolly Christmas, Christmas is Florida is pretty weird ngl but it's good. This week was really odd for me, there just wasn't as much churching going on and it really didn't feel that Christmas-y.

On Monday we balled out for pday as per usual. After our dinner appointment I had maybe one of the funniest experiences of my mission. We were dropping off Elder Barney and Elder Ray in their area, and as they were getting out of the car Elder B got a hamstring cramp and he just starting screaming like a banshee hahaha it was sooo funny I almost threw up from laughing so hard on a full stomach. The funniest part was their neighbour was walking by and she gave us the weirdest look ever, and then to make it worse in between screams Elder Barney said to her "Don't worry ma'am, I'm not giving birth I'm just having a really bad hamstring cramp" haha it probs doesn't sound as funny, but I nearly died from laughter.

On Tuesday we helped Elder Ray & Elder Barney move apartments, so now they actually live in our ward which is nice. And then on Tuesday evening we went Christmas carolling with our district and another district in our area and it so awesome!! It was one of the only times this month that it actually felt like Christmas. It was just a really good group of missionaries, and we even sounded pretty good. The true miracle of it was this new investigator that we found, Neli! We were able to have a brief but spiritual lesson with her and we are going back to teach her tomorrow.

Not much happened that was out of the ordinary on Wednesday. We had a good lesson with Bill, and we found out that its not that he is against joining the church, he just doesn't want to be forced to join the church after he is baptized (?). People can be so confusing haha.

Thursday was Christmas Eve and we ate so much food haha it was awful. First we had brunch with the stake president which was honestly really good, and then we had a lunch appointment right after that. I was so full, it was a struggle to stay awake when we were talking with them, the only reason I didn't fall asleep at lunch was listening to Elder Barney's conversation about kilts... It was interesting, he is such a funny guy. On Christmas Eve we had dinner with a less active couple that got married which was awesome. Hopefully we'll be able to keep working with them and get them coming back to church!

Christmas was pretty great. In the morning we drove to the other elders' apartment and we opened our presents with them which was fun. Shout out to everyone that sent me cards and presents!! I was
definitely feeling the love. Just for future reference, if you want to send me something, don't send me candy!! Maybe send me multi-vitamins or whey protein or something haha, it's hard to stay slim on a southern diet. Anyways, after that we drove to the mission home and had breakfast with President and Sister Craig with our zone which was fun. After that we went and played some soccer with the Spanish Ward people and then we got to Skype the family!! It was honestly so weird talking to the fam, like it was great obviously, but weird. It was definitely the highlight of the week, My family >>>

On Saturday and Sunday things were pretty much back to normal. Saturday we helped this family move, and then we did a lot of sub par contacting. Haha I was so tired. Sunday was pretty good, in gospel principles we had a mini break through with Bill and found out that his problem is that he doesn't have a testimony of the priesthood, which is kind of a helpful thin to know. Hopefully we'll see some good progress with him in the upcoming weeks.

Love y'all!!

Elder Olson

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