Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Whats up whats up,

This week has been super good!

Idk if I mentioned this last week but for pday we went out to those caves in the country again and it was pretty fun! Not as fun as last time because they were basically full of water, so we didn't get to go nearly as deep but it was still really neat. Some of the Elders got really wet which was questionably apostate, but don't worry I wasn't about that hahaha.

Tuesday was interesting... During exercises Elder Geist tried really hard to lose some weight, and he actually lost like 6 pounds in under 30 minutes!! Crazy hey? But like actually he was puking his guts out all morning hahahaha it was so gross. So we had another day of staying in on Tuesday which was boring. I read a lot more in the Bible, I've just been cruisin. On Tuesday I finished Exodus, Leviticus and got into the start of Numbers. Its a good thing that we had the sick day or else idk if I would've been able to get through Leviticus, it's pretty dry.

On Wednesday Elder Geist was feeling better and he got to go the Orlando Temple because he is coming up on his year mark. I was in a trio with a couple of other missionaries here in Gainesville and we had an okay day. It's really weird being in a trio, the teaching dynamics are just so different. Hahaha we taught the Restoration to this crazy black lady and it was so funny hahahahaha. We showed her the Because He Lives video and she got so hyped up. She kept reading what it was saying and her eyes got super wide and she was literally bouncing in her seat by the end of it haha it was great. She is questionably insane, so there is a good chance that we won't be teaching her again.

Thursday was HOT!! The thermostat in our car hit 98 F when we were driving back from district meeting it was ridiculous. Like it's November and people are already putting up Christmas decorations, but it's still almost 100 degrees everyday. So messed up. Thursday I also went on exchanges with Elder Hulse which was okay. Their apartment is pretty nasty so I didn't enjoy that.

On Friday my new glasses came!! Haha I've been so sick of wearing contacts, I love having glasses again. They aren't exactly what I wanted, but hey they will work. I can't really remember what else happened on Friday, it was just a normal day of churchin.

On Saturday I finished reading the Book of Deuteronomy, which is tight because now I can say that I read the entire Pearl of Great Price and the Pentateuch in one week! Haha reading the Bible has really made me appreciate living in the latter days. So much messed up stuff happened back then haha. We had some really good lessons with less actives and part member families on Saturday which was really good. Sometimes if feels like we haven't been able to do much when it comes to investigators, but we have had some really good reactivations in this area.

Sunday was another gooder. Not a ton happened, but we went and gave this less active sister a blessing and her neighbour (one of our investigators) came with because we needed a third male, so that was a really good opportunity to teach him about the priesthood.

Monday was a classic non-pday Monday. Haha they are always sooo long. For lunch we went to this nice restaurant that a member in our ward owns, which was sweet. We get to eat there once a month and its like the only time that we ever get really high quality food. Monday night was the transfer call, which was super hype because I had no idea what was gunna happen. But I found out that I'm getting transferred out of Gainesville! I'm going to the Fort Caroline ward in East Jacksonville, and my new companion's name is Elder England. I don't really know anything about him, but apparently he is like 6'7 and he is a really good and funny guy, so I am pretty excited!! I really love Elder Geist, and I'm definitely going to miss him, but I'm really looking forwards to going to Jacksonville. I'm going to miss Gainesville though, haha I feel like I'm always going to be a Gainesville person. I also don't know what Fort Caroline is like. It's right in between the most ghetto area in the mission and one of the nicest areas in the mission haha. The ward just east of me, Jax Beach, has TPC Sawgrass in its boundaries. Hopefully I'll be able to visit.

So today is just going to be lots of packing and hanging out and getting ready to leave.

I don't have my new address yet, I'll try and send that along ASAP.

Umm I don't really know what else to say!! I'm pumped to go serve in Jacksonville and I hope y'all are doing great!!


Elder Olson

last district pic

Gators Stadium

When your comp isn't good at taking pics

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