Monday, November 23, 2015

Sweater Weather

Hey hey,

Things have been going well here in J-ville.

On Monday we just hung out with a ton of other missionaries and played a lot of bball which was fun. Some classic missionary ball with some people that took it way to seriously but it was fun.

On Tuesday we had a pretty average day. I had my first real Bible bashing experience with this man. We were trying to talk to him about the restoration but he just wasn't having it and he kept asking us how we think that we can receive salvation. Basically he doesn't think that you have to be baptized to receive salvation and he kept pulling all of these scriptures out of context, and eventually we just threw down on him with John 3:5 and he didn't really know what to say. Hahaha he started asking Siri to google if baptism is a saving ordinance and he was trying to pull stuff off the internet and he ended up on hahahaha it was too funny. Even though we ended up kinda confounding him, I still felt no so good after that. It was a funny experience but I really realized that I hate bashing.

Later on Tuesday night we had a lesson with our eternigator, Bill, and it was pretty disheartening. My first few lessons with him he seemed to actually be making progress, but our lesson on Tuesday was just kind of all over the place and it made me sad realizing how far he still has to go.

Wednesday was pretty good, we taught 5 lessons, but we had a member-present lesson set up and it fell through which was a huge bummer. It's so hard setting up member-present's here because I don't know any of the members!!

On Thursday we had Zone Conference with the Jax East Zone and the Kingsland (Georgia) Zone and it was pretty neat. I got to see some old MTC buddies and do some good socializing. The trainings were focused on our missionary purpose and being a consecrated missionary which was perfect!! (Perfectooo hahaha) Ever since then Elder England has been way more down to work hard and I think he has accepted that we are going to work our hardest which is awesome. After Zone Conference we had another lesson with Bill and it was wayyy better. We got a member to the lesson and he really connected with Bill. We decided to reteach him the restoration and we had a bit of an iceberg uncovering lesson. So it turns out that Bill has only been taught the restoration once, in over a year of investigating, and he didn't really understand Joseph Smith's first vision or the restoration of the gospel at all. So we clarified that and hopefully it will make a huge impact on him! 

Friday was a long day, Elder England had a doctor appointment for his back in the morning and we had to go to the mission office to get a new bike rack and thenn we had to take our car in to the shop to repair some damage that occurred before I was here. So we didn't even start our weekly planning until like 2, so we didn't get to finish it which was a bummer. In the evening we had a lesson and we contacted 4 members trying to get them to lessons and none of them could come! It really is such a battle getting member-present's.

On Saturday we did some service in the morning and we did a ton of biking because we didn't have our car. On Saturday I also got a package from the Ockey's full of some delicious cookies and some Canadian candy, I was feeling so blessed it was wonderful. On Saturday evening we had the adult session of stake conference and Elder Kopischke from the quorum of the 70 was there and he gave a really good training on retaining recent converts. 

On Sunday we had stake conference and we got a new stake presidency! It turns out that the old stake President (Tom Spackman) and his wife are from southern Alberta and he is President David Spackman's (my home stake president) cousin or something. Vintage mormon connection I know, but it was still pretty neat.

The weather here is also getting way cooler, it's the best. It was 8-9 Celsius this morning when we left the apartment and so I finally got to wear a sweater. Haha this might not seem like a big deal, but after 5 months of sweating down here in Florida, it truly is a joy to be able to wear a sweater.

Sorry for the essay, things here are going pretty well! The weather is getting better and the work is going well!!

Love y'all!!

Elder Olson

Finally sweater weather!!!!! #blessed

Jax East Zone

Elder England and his first baptisms. He makes me look like a midget - it's the worst haha

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