Monday, November 16, 2015

Life in Fort Caroline

Greetings friends!!

So much to write, so much happened this week - hopefully I'll be able to keep it quick (-:

First off new address is:

355 Monument Road Apt. 9A1
Jacksonville, Florida

So if you wanna be a saint you can send me some stuff.

On Tuesday night we had Book of Mormon class which was a fun way to end my time in Gainesville. Lots of vintage Sister Gaster comments, and craziness. Love it. I didn't get to say goodbye to as many people in the ward as I would've liked but I got to say bye to all the main people. Then I did a bunch of packing on Tuesday night which was weird. I can't stand packing hahaha.

On Wednesday Sister May gave us and the 2nd ward elders a ride to the transfer meeting which was really neat. So what they do for transfer is, everyone that is getting transferred goes to Jacksonville and we have this big meeting where Pres & Sis Craig welcome all the new missionaries and then all the departing missionaries have a few minutes to get up and bear testimony one last time in the mission. It's pretty fun, haha one of the perks of getting transferred. After the meeting I met my new companion and he is huge!! Haha he is like 6'7, 225lbs so I feel tiny around him. I'll talk more about him ina bit. After the meeting we said some goodbyes and got to chat with some of the missionaries I know, and then we drove up to our area in Northeast Jacksonville. That night we visited some potentials and we taught this eternitgator, who seems like he is making some progress.

On Thursday we had district meeting which was fun. It's weird being in a new district and zone and just adjusting to how they do things. Everyone here in the Jax East Zone is way less dignified. I think when I first came out I would've preferred it, but now that I've worked so hard to cut words like "cool" and "sick" out of my vocabulary I don't want to lose all that work. I really like a lot of the missionaries here though, especially the ZLs they are really awesome elders that I have a lot in common with. District meeting and lunch took forevveerrrr haha but then after that we did some tracting which was fun. For some reason i just love tracting way more here in J-Ville. In Gainesville it was kind of a chore, but I love it here. I don't know why but being here in this new area has energized me a bunch. I'm lovin it.

Friday was another simply great day in the Fort. We had weekly planning which was a bit of a battle, but we got it done pretty quick. I got the vibes that the Elder England and his old comp didn't have very good weekly planning sessions, and I wanted to kinda take the lead, but it was hard because I don't know the area at all haha. We had some good lessons in the evening and we got to do some biking which was fun. We are all car here, so I'm kinda scared of putting on some poundage, but we bike a little bit so hopefully I'll survive.

Saturday was crazy/frustrating. In the morning we went and helped this lady move her stuff out of a storage unit and into her moving truck and it was just a classic move, with a bunch of people who had to do things their way. It was really frustrating because it was just taking so long, and people were kinda arguing about how to pack the truck. It look like four hours which was a battle because then we had to go do some service for another lady in the ward. I was just kind of itching to get out and do some actual missionary work it was killing me hahaha. Then to top it off Elder England wanted to make up studies after, so we didn't even start working until the evening. It felt like such a waste of prime proselyting time, I hated it. Saturday night we had some good lessons, we actually taught a decent amount of lessons this week which was surprising.

Sunday was pretty interesting. The meeting was like a combined sacrament meeting with 3 wards because they were dissolving one of the wards into the other two. Our ward is staying intact which is good, and we are getting two other elders in our ward which is awesome. Having other missionaries in the ward is a lot of fun. We had a really good member present lesson with that eternitgator that I mentioned earlier. We have this guy in our ward from Brazil and he is like 30 years old and he was the stake president back there and he is such a good teacher! The spirit was super strong in the lesson and they are going to pray about setting a baptismal date. So hopefully that works out.

Elder England and I get along pretty well. He is from Logan Utah and he has been out for 10.5 months. We have some common interests, like we are both pretty into mountain biking and we both like sports and stuff. He is a pretty classic Utah kid. He drives like he is from Utah too hahaha he red lines our little corolla every time we are at a light, its getting old really fast. What's difficult is I have all this energy here in Fort Caroline and I just wanna work super hard and be successful, but I don't know the area at all and it's hard to take the initiative when I have to rely on him so much. Hopefully that will all work out soon.

I'm super excited to be here in this area though and I feel like good things are coming!

Love y'all and hope ya have a good week :^)

Elder Olson

Last pic of Gainesville 5th Ward missionaries

Elder England and I, hopefully I'll get some better pics later

The Canadian hockey stick and I. Apparently it always belongs to the senior Canadian in the mission and all the Canadians sign it which is super neat. It felt so good to hold a stick in my hands haha

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