Monday, November 30, 2015

American Thanksgiving


This week has been really great! Lots of good stuff happening all over the place.

Actually the week started out not so hot, but it was great overall. On Monday we didn't really do much because our car was in the shop so we couldn't go hang out with other missionaries, which was kind of a bummer but kind of nice at the same time. It was really cold (for Florida) on Monday, when we got back to the apartment it was like 8-9 degrees Celsius which was heavenly.

Tuesday was pretty good. We did a lot of biking which was good preparation for thanksgiving hahaha. Oh man we had such a frustrating experience though, we were riding to visit this potential, and this guy just pulls over and gets out of his car and starts trying to bash with us. Haha he was sooo rude and foolish and ignorant it was ridiculous. We tried to actually help him see the light for a bit, but the guy just wasn't having it. In the end we just asked him to reflect on how Christlike his actions were and we brought up the commandment of loving thy neighbour. It was pretty frustrating, but when I think back on it it makes me kind of sad. Like he was just so vulgar and angry, and he thought he was doing what was right.

On Wednesday I went on exchanges with our district leader, Elder Mann, and that was pretty fun. We didn't have a ton of time to work though because we had a super long district meeting and some other logistical stuff came up. It was pretty good though. I got bit by a dog on Wednesday which was <<< it wasn't that bad, but it freaking hurt hahaha. It was just on my thumb, and it didn't bleed too bad. I feel like it was a right of passage as a missionary.

Thursday was fun, but painful! Because it was thanksgiving, we didn't really get to do much work. We had 3 dinners and we got to go to a ward turkey bowl and play some football which was awesome. It made me miss football a lot though. Like it was a good day and stuff and lots of fun with members, but overall I think I would've just had a normal day and not miss out on all that proselyting time.

Friday was awesome! We had interviews with President Craig which was really great, he gave me a little pat on the back for helping Elder England out a bit which felt good. We didn't have a ton of time, but it was good getting to chat with him. The ZLs and STLs also gave some really good trainings and we got to do some fun roleplays. For one we had to roleplay a door approach in front of the whole district, which was super nerve racking, it was so much harder than an actual
door approach.

Saturday was miraculous!! In the morning we went and visited this former investigator and the timing was sooo inspired! When we walked up to his house he was sitting on his doorstep smoking a dart and playing clash of clans (I knew I was going to like him from the start) and we started chatting with him. He is a sorta ghetto white guy, not great hygiene or anything. Apparently he and his wife have been having a really rough time, they got their kids taken away because of an accident (idk what really happened, all I know is that this guy definitely had a broken heart and contrite spirit) and they had some government guy coming later that day to see if they could get their kids back. He said that he had just read the restoration pamphlet last night and We were able to read a little from Alma 7 and talk about how Christ is there with him through all his afflictions. We also said a prayer with him and the spirit was SO strong. He was lowkey sobbing by the end. He seems so prepared!! We are going back next week to teach his family. The rest of Saturday was also really awesome! We taught a bunch of lessons and it was just a great day.

Sunday was interesting because it was my first normal sacrament meeting here in Fort Caroline. The ward seems really great, hopefully I'll be here a while. We had a decent day on Sunday, we had a bunch of lessons fall through though which was <<<. At the end of the day (like literally 8:55) we met another girl who seemed super prepared! We were definitely feeling the blessings that obedience can bring this week it was great!!

Things here are going SO well, I'm loving it. Its crazy how fast time is flying, I hope all my American homies had a good thanksgiving!!


Elder Olson

Jacksonville Beach

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